Turkey Hunting Reviews

Raising domestic turkeys can be a great source of income, as well as, a good chance to provide your loved ones with a delectable home grown meal. However, you don’t need to choose between the two, because you will be able to profit either way in raising these smart, curious and friendly animal. Aside from that, raising turkey is like having your own built in pest control service right in your own home, because you see, turkeys love to eat bugs, mosquitoes, ticks and flies. Check out the following tips for a successful turkey breeding.

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Tip number one. Decide on the type of breeds of turkey that you want to raise. Turkeys have several breeds – heritage turkey and broad breasted turkey. The heritage turkey are the old standard turkey and are naturally bred, they are slow growing but was discovered to be more delicious. As mentioned, there is also what we call the broad breasted turkey, this breed yields a lot of meat since their body was genetically changed in order for them to develop meat in large quantities.

Tip number two. Learn the perfect time to purchase turkeys. According to experts, make sure to buy one day old turkeys in the spring when they’re price is not so high, also it is at this time that they are easy to begin with. It is best to choose a mix of male and female turkeys for breeding purposes.

Tip number three. Set up a brooding area. This should not be complicated, you can use a kid’s plastic pool which can work if it is lined with about one inch of wood shavings.

In addition to the brooding area, raising domestic turkeys also involve making an 8- by 8-foot area to raise them for about four more weeks.

Hopefully, these tips about raising domestic turkeys have been helpful in your project. With proper research and sufficient knowledge everything will turn out to be successful.

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