Turkey Hunting Facts

Although an Islamic country, the people who live in Turkey have become very European in their tastes and this includes the consumption of alcohol.  In many cases they like to enjoy a class or two of beer, wine or Raki with their meals.  However there are some other drinks that you will not be able to find in other parts of Europe today. 

The first of these is Ayran which is a drink that comprises yoghurt, water and salt that is mixed together.  Mainly this is drunk during the summer months as it is a cold drink, but a great many Turkish people drink it in the winter as well.  Due to the ingredients used in this drink it is considered very healthy and has the consistency of cream.

The second drink that many Turks drink is known as Boza.  This particular one is made from triturated chickpeas along with sugar and cinnamon.  So compared to the first drink it is much sweeter in flavour.  Again it has a creamy texture to it but you may have problems finding it being sold in the summer as in fact this is traditionally only drunk in the winter months.  As you walk through the streets of many Turkish cities, towns and villages in winter there are people selling it. 

The other drink that is very traditional and not something that you will see being sold anywhere else in Europe is Sahlep.  This is made from milk and a special powder that you will find in any Turkish supermarket called Sahlep.  The powder comprises a variety of different spices and when added to milk that has been heated it has a unique taste and aroma.  Again as with Boza this is drunk throughout the winter time and is sold in a great many of the coffee shops and tea gardens that are situated throughout Turkey.