Turkey Hunting Calls

When you hunt turkeys, you should know many turkey hunting calls. It will help you catch this kind of bird more effectively because turkeys respond when people create the proper call. Turkeys would even stop and approach where they hear the call. It is not easy for people to have the useful calls. It requires a lot of technique and skill to create the right call. But there are lots of benefits and advantages in knowing the different calls.


People can use different things to produce turkey hunting calls. They can use wood, pegs, glass and even metal. But expert hunters can produce hunting calls using their mouth and diaphragm. People should refer to the different guides found in hunting books. It would teach them the proper technique to create a very convincing hunting call to lure the turkeys.


The use of wood and pegs are effective in imitating the sound the turkey produces to call its mate. By strongly striking two pieces of wood, the turkey would respond positively and maintain its position. The wood used should be very smooth. This is necessary to produce a sharp sound. If there are impurities and particles hanging from the wood, no hunting call can be produced.


The mouth turkey hunting calls are also frequently used by old and veteran hunters through out the country. The mouth turkey calls are produced by closing the mouth while blowing very hard. The hunter needs to inhale deeply while exhaling very fast and rapid using the diaphragm. This is a muscle below the lungs that should be used to force the wind out. The mouth turkey calls imitate the sound produce by the bird to call its offspring.


One of the most widely used calls is the squeaking box method.

The hunters would need to scratch together two boxes. The hunters should be very fast to produce the necessary sound. The squeaking call produced would be similar to the sound created by the bird.