Hunting Shotguns

You are sitting crouched down in the tall reeds along the lake. You can see the ducks circling lower. They are almost within range of your shotgun when suddenly they veer off and head for other water. Were you spotted hiding in the reeds? You huddle back down trying to stay warm as the cold wind whips across the water one more time. Good hunting tents could change your experience of hunting dramatically.

In the same scenario you would be completely obscured from the ducks vision. They would continue moving down towards the water even as you brought your shotgun into position. Your movements are all hidden. You take your shot and bag your first bird of the day. You then settle back down onto your seat listening as the wind blows past you outside the tent. You are staying dry and comfortable out of the weather.

Hunting tents are one of the most important pieces of gear to add for the hunt. These small enclosed blinds increase your efficiency at hunting by keeping your scent from blowing with the wind. Your movements remain safely hidden out of view. You are willing to stay out in your favorite hunting location longer because you are comfortable instead of freezing.

Before running out and buying a hunting tent take a few minutes to plan your purchase. What size of tent will you need? If you are hunting alone a small one-man pop-up tent should be adequate. It will give you room to have a small chair store your guns, shells, food, and a thermos filled with a hot drink. If you normally hunt with friends you will need to look at larger hunting tents.

Larger tents or blinds can hold multiple people and provide additional window openings to allow shots in a wide variety of directions. Think about the configuration which will suit your normal hunting location. Is a square tent going to work with openings on the four sides, or is a rectangular shape with more room facing one direction a better idea?

Another item to consider when looking at hunting tents is the vegetation in your hunting area. Make sure to match the color of your tent to the vegetation for added stealth.

One last criteria, consider the size of the tent in the collapsed storage position. Will it easily store in your car, truck, or SUV for transporting to your hunting site?

Evaluating hunting tents carefully will allow you to increase your hunting efficiency and enjoyment.