Mossback: A Must Have Bowhunting Adventure Book!

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MOSSYBACK--1MOSSBACK: by Kenneth Fore – 230 pages. A classic man vs. nature story that exposes the soul and character of the protagonist. The story is a tense odyssey of a man’s battle with himself and nature as he clashes with nature’s royal flush. The heart of the story lies in one man’s indestructible spirit. Memorable characters will live in the reader’s heart and mind long after the last page is turned. MOSSBACK is an unforgettable story.

“This book was definitely a new genre for me. However when I began reading, I could not put it down. The characters made the book. They were so real that I found myself identifying with each one of them. I laughed, cried and sighed throughout the pages. I will certainly read this one again.”

“I don’t usually read this type of book, but it was a great story with very interesting characters. I read this book by Kenneth Fore because I had already read The Wolf Tattoo by him. I like his stories and can’t wait to read more.”

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Fore00111ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kenneth Fore is a graduate of Georgia State University and holds an AA and BBA degree. Ken has accumulated business awards and chaired various committees. He is also a disabled Army veteran and suffers from harsh tinnitus who retired early from a successful business to pursue his dream of being a novelist but since he was a technical report writer for years Ken felt writing a novel would be a cake walk. He soon discovered that was not the case.

Ken has been a deer hunter since the age of 10 and killed his first buck with a single barrel twelve gauge shotgun at thirteen. His first buck with a bow came in 1973 with a re-curve bow, “It was a most exhilarating experience.”

Ken’s first novel, MOSSBACK  was published as a tribute to a vanishing civilization that suffered through the depression and two wars. This story is a character study about a World War I vet who hunts a giant buck that no one else had seen. He hunts the buck with a long bow and Indian arrowhead he’d found. He also suffered from PTSD like most veterans who experienced intense combat.

“Mossback is a fictional story based on an actual event. Veterans will like Mossback because the main character suffers from PTSD from World War 1. Mossback is literary fiction and a serious read. It is not a story like Me and Bob or anything like that. Women especially love the story. It has been debated in book clubs in the deep south and even in churches. One minster told me he got two sermons out of the novel. Why is this? There is a religious theme inside the novel that I didn’t know was there until someone pointed it out. The ending to Mossback is hotly debated. Did he or did he not?” Ken Fore

Ken’s second novel was another matter. Wanting to write something different and  in an exotic locale, he isolated himself and became a recluse for five years to write and to study the craft of writing fiction. The effect of this effort resulted in his new novel titled, THE WOLF TATTOO. It you liked JEREMIAH JOHNSON, CALL OF THE WILD, A MAN CALLED HORSE and THEM, and, if you like escape novels you will undoubtedly enjoy THE WOLF TATTOO.

The first four chapters are free on Kindle. The primary characters in THE WOLF TATTOO are Clayton, Tuma, Palafox, Goose, Skidder and Arnaq. While there, Ken invites you to ‘LIKE’ his page.

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