Moose Hunting Reviews

Animated Series Review

Looking for a fun way to pass some time and enjoy Internet videos of a different sort? Skip the funniest home videos, and head straight to the videos on Metal Imagination’s Nutz and Boltz blog. The whimsical videos feature metal sculpture characters, including a Moose and a Chicken, who get into all sorts of scrapes. The animated videos come out frequently, so you’ll want to check back often to see what sorts of things your favorite characters are up to next. Here are just a few of the most recent animated videos from this blog:

Chicken and Moose Start a War

What happens when you pit red wine against white wine? Find out in this hysterical video in which Moose and Chicken end up starting a war over this matter of preference. A wine holder collection parody of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” this video is great fun and takes humor into touchy current events.

Jethro Troll Plays Metalstock

When Chicken and Moose are on their way to Metalstock (obviously Woodstock for metal characters, if you didn’t put two and two together), they meet mysterious Jethro Troll, a funny metal character who tries to convince Moose and Chicken that he is, in himself, Metalstock. The British-accented troll is carnivorous and puts Chicken and Moose into a very awkward situation.

Gone Fishing…With a Tiny DJ?

In this video, Moose tries to go fishing, but he just ends up getting super annoyed at Chicken who completely ruins the fishing trip.

Chicken even brings out a Tiny DJ that he found in the lake.

It’s Totally Worth a Look

If you’re into silly videos featuring sarcastic characters and a twisted sense of humor, the Nutz and Boltz animated videos are certainly right up your alley. You just can’t go wrong with wry, sarcastic Moose and his annoying friend Chicken. They’re one of those dynamic duos that you would never expect, which means they’re perfect together on screen.

New videos come out frequently, and you never know what Moose and Chicken are going to be getting themselves into throughout this animated series. They’ll tackle all sorts of modern-day dilemmas, and they’ll get into all sorts of different scrapes and situations. Of course, this is all mostly because of Chicken, since Moose would never be dumb enough to get into such predicaments all on his own.

At the end of the fishing video, Moose says that he needs different friends, but viewers of this animated series know that it’s just never going to happen. He will have to deal with the crazy antics and ridiculous questions of his friend Chicken from here until eternity. At least, you hope so, since you want to continue to see what the creators of this animated series are going to get Moose and Chicken into next!