Elk Hunting Sounds

You have decided that you want to to go Elk Hunting and need some tips and advice. I want to welcome you to the Elk Hunting club and wish you a successful season. There are some things that I want to explain to you – to help you understand the hunting season better.

If you are a Deer Hunter – Elk are a member of the Deer Family – but are very different animals, with different habits. With deer hunting – you can spend much of your time waiting – usually in a stand. Elk Hunting does not work that way – you have to physically stalk your game – often for days – to get the right shot.

You should also make sure that you can tell the difference between a Moose and an Elk. It may sound easy at first – they look so different – their antlers alone are a clue. The problem happens every year – because a calf moose can look so much like a cow Elk at long distances. This can be a costly mistake – the fine alone is high. Use your binoculars – not your site.

Do you know what to pack? Do you know where you will be hunting? Do you have your license and tags in order?  Elk Hunting is great – but it does require planning – many Elk Hunters plan a year in advance. If this is your first Elk Hunt – you really need some tips and honest help.