Deer Hunting Tips

If you’re looking for an exciting way to get some hunting under your belt, then I would recommend hunting whitetail deer. These animals can be a challenge to hunt and prove to be a challenge for any type of hunter. They are very good at using their main senses of sight, smell and hearing. This is mainly what makes hunting these animals quite the challenge. Attempting to go after a whitetail deer can be done successfully with the proper deer hunting techniques and experience.

There are some important points to consider along with these techniques. For one these whitetail deer are going to know when you’re coming once they catch your scent, even if you can’t see them. Once the deer catch your scent, whether in the air or through something such as the ground you walk on, then you can count on them heading the opposite way and thus losing your chance for a good shot. This can also mean the difference of getting that big buck you may be after.

This is where knowing the correct deer hunting techniques is important when trying to avoid scarring a whitetail deer with your scent. Knowing the proper way to cover your human scent is what will make the difference of you having a successful hunt or not.

It is not always as simple as just getting an item such as spray or scent wipes to succeed in getting through the woods without the deer knowing you’re around. An example is, using the same exact spray or wipe over and over can get deer used to that scent eliminator smell and get them antsy that something isn’t right in their areas. This is a good example of why knowing the proper deer hunting techniques is going to make all the difference when looking for a successful hunt.

When considering the hearing privilege of deer it’s important to know the proper way to use this to your advantage and not give the deer this advantage.

Being as quiet as you can when walking to and from your stand is one example. You can also use their hearing to your advantage when using deer calls or antler rattling. Since their hearing is so good they will be able to come right to you, even if they are a mile away from you.

Now when you take sight into consideration, you need to make sure know what you’re doing to not be spotted. Deer are very alert and cautious animals that can scare easily. If they see sudden movement that they’re not used to they will take off without warning. This is why it also helps to know the correct ways to choose your outfit, helping to hide yourself as much as possible from whitetail deer.