Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting 101

BuckThe Basic Strategy Guide to Deer Hunting, is a list of rules that all hunters should know. First of all when entering the woods for a hunt, you must be scent free. As most people know, the whitetail deer has an excellent sense of smell, many times the strength of ours. It is important that you wash your camouflage before each hunt with a special type of detergent. There are many different products out on the market such as ‘scent away’. once you have washed your hunting clothes, they can be put in a scent free bag. If you don’t have a bag, simply spread the clothes out on an overhanging branch.

Another deer hunting 101 strategy is hunting from an elevated position. Common sense will tell you that the higher you are, the more land you can see…and the more area you can see…the more likely you are to see game. Using a tree-stand will also decrease your chances of being seen or smelled. By hunting from an elevated position will keep you out of a whitetail’s natural line of sight. Obviously you can still be picked off, but you are less likely to be noticed. The same goes for your scent.

The last deer hunting 101 strategy is about choosing a hunting location. When scouting for a stand location, targeting certain areas can increase your success. Food sources are great areas to deer hunt. Locations like hardwoods, food plots, and CRP fields are ideal locations. Also, hunting heavily used trails are good places. Find trails leading to bedding areas and food sources. Fields and cut-overs are great places to harvest mature bucks. They are good during the evening and during the rut when bucks are searching for does. Fields with a little bit of undergrowth are good because I think deer feel a but hidden and safe.

I hope these basic deer hunting 101 tips help you bag more trophy bucks.

Good luck on your next hunting trip.