Coyote Hunting Supplies

Ever seen the old coyote and road runner cartoons? I grew up watching that poor, persistent coyote chasing that speedy roadrunner only to have his numerous, ingenious ACME contraptions fail and backfire on him time and again.

At first, I routed for the roadrunner but after a while, and I know I’m not alone in this, I grew tired of watching the coyote continually foiled in his attempts at following his natural instincts. It was bad enough he didn’t get to eat, but then, adding insult to injury, the tired sad canine had to suffer endless plummets from dizzying heights to land with a reverberating thump. I’d shake my head as I watched the resulting dust cloud rising from the hard, barren ground. I’d breathe a sigh knowing full well the coyote’s indomitable spirit(or intense hunger?) would spur him on to further failures ad infinitum.

As internet marketers, our attempts at obtaining success can seem just like that Warner Brothers cartoon.
We can be like the coyote, trying one method after another, reaching and straining to get our hands on the elusive ‘golden’ road runner only to become discouraged and disillusioned. It can be frustrating running an internet business, especially for newbies.

But if the coyote had the internet at his fingertips, he would have had access to information and assistance in his mission far beyond the scope of ACME’s futile inventions. The coyote, like most of us, was a hard worker in need of the right tools to get the job done.

Here are the tools that could get your hands on that ‘golden’ road runner, once and for all.