Coyote Hunting Calls

The best coyote calling videos in my opinion have not only lot’s of action, but also lot’s of tips and instruction to help you  learn how to call coyotes successfully. There are a couple of guys that get the “top spots” in great coyote calling videos.

Byron South is one of the guys that is an absolute master at creating great quality coyote calling videos. His DVD’s not only fit the bill for excitement, but Byron is also great at giving tips and instruction for helping you be more successful at calling coyotes yourself. He covers everything from choice of firearms to call selection to proper set-up before you hunt. In one of his videos he even calls and successfully hunts an alligator.

I own Byron’s videos and watch them regularly. I always seem to pick up a few things to help me in calling predators every time I watch them.

Randy Anderson also makes great coyote calling videos. He is probably even more well known than Byron. Randy’s videos in my opinion are more on the entertaining side with lot’s of great hunts and maybe just a little less instruction. Do not get me wrong. I love Randy’s videos and own and watch every one of them as well. Lot’s of high quality action packed hunts and Randy is a master at coyote vocalizations. Just watching him call is a tutorial in proper calling methods in itself.

I highly recommend any coyote calling video produced by either Randy or Byron if you are serious about coyote/predator hunting.