Coyote Hunting Bows

So tired of not seeing a deer? Or maybe all these unsuccessful hunts are making you think twice about the sport. Well the last thing I want is someone to quit the greatest sport of all. So here is what we’ll do. I want you to read this book. Deer Hunter Secrets Exposed is a book written by pro hunters that tells you everything there is to know about bow hunting.

1. Stand Placement (very crucial)

2. Scents and calls

3. Equipment (Get the right compound bow for you)

4. Clothes


That’s right! These guys are bow hunting pros of both the new and old era of the sport. They share all of their knowledge on how to harvest huge trophy whitetail. I strongly recommend this book not only as a reader but as a fellow bow hunter.

I too have read this book and it truly worked wonders on my game. Bow hunting is a sport that anyone can do, but not everyone can succeed. Bow hunting is a sport that takes a lot of knowledge and without that knowledge well, you just won’t know where to start.

After I read Deer Hunter Secrets Exposed I couldn’t believe all the stuff that I did not know and the secrets that I could have been using throughout the years that I had never put into action. The tips they give you for during the rut are the best. Because this is the time of the year when the monsters are running around chasing does so they are very easyily manipulated. Last season I killed a 12 pt double-beam buck upstate new york with my Hoyt. The reason I was able to shoot this deer was manipulating scents. Where did I learn this? Deer hunter Secrets Exposed!

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