Coyote Hunting

Here’s 3 quick coyote hunting tactics


Coyote Hunting Tactic #1

Add a good rabbit decoy to your set-up. I’ll be the first to admit it took me a while to come around to the idea of using a decoy when I’m calling coyotes. But I can tell you that now I use them all the time. When a coyote is on approach and coming to my distress call it becomes laser targeted when he sees the rabbit decoy. I think the reason is because when he sees it his eyes are now confirming what his ears are hearing.

Coyote Hunting Tactic #2

Mix up your calls. Don’t use the same call at every set. I have several different calls that I use. Each one has a different sound to it. If for instance I have a coyote hung up out there and he just doesn’t want to come on in when I am blowing on a certain distress call, I will switch distress calls to maybe one with a higher or lower pitch. I will even get out a coyote vocalization call and let out some Ki-Yi sounds (wounded pup). More than once a hung-up coyote has come a running after I do this.


Coyote Hunting Tactic #3

Hunt feeding areas in the morning and evening. Hunt bedding areas during mid day. Knowing a coyotes behavior is key to success. Mornings and evening are when coyotes are most active. They are looking for a meal. Hunt areas such as feedlots, cornfields, bean fields, alfalfa fields, etc. Coyotes will frequent these types of areas looking for field mice, rabbits, and the like.

During mid day how ever you will most likely have much better hunting if you concentrate on grassy areas, timbers and places where they could be possibly bedded down for the day.

Hopefully these coyote hunting tactics will help you be more successful with your next coyote hunting trip.