Bear Hunting Facts

The act of hunting a bear is bear hunting. Bear hunting is one of the most exciting events in many people lives. For some people, it is their means of livelihood. Whether it is a means of livelihood, or a means of recreation, hunting a bear is really enjoyable.

Preparation is the primary key to successful bear hunting .One should be properly equipped while hunting a bear. A very important thing that one should keep in mind is that bears have a very sensitive sense of smell, and it is one of the most important considerations, while going to hunt a bear. No scented perfumes, soap, etc should be used. Be sure that you are not tracking back and forth between your target terrains as this will be spreading your scent over that place, and it will give the bear no time to figure, that danger is waiting. On the other hand, it is this smelling sense that will let them fall under your way. Bear bait, which is a flavored scent, is used to attract a bear to certain locations.

Primarily, two types of baits are used in bear hunting Manitoba, one is pheromone based bear baits, and the other one is flavor based bear baits. Baits based off of pheromones is used to mimic a female bear in heat or the urine smell of another animal. Baits based off of flavors are also used to attract a bear by mimicking the smells of foods that they like to eat. Bear’s food includes all types of fruits, vegetables, meats, and breads. This type of bear bait attracts a bear via their eagerness or sex drive. Pheromone based bear baits can bring out a trophy worthy bear because some of these baits will get a bear to not only come into an area but also patrol it and chase out other bears. This means usually the bulky, heavy bear will be the one hanging on in the baited area. On the other hand, a flavor based bear bait. Attracts bears based on their hunger drive. Bears are active eaters and need to eat in huge amount, so the idea of using the hunger drive as a way to attract them to a specific area really works. Certain types of bears will be more attracted to certain foods and flavors.

You should take, safety measures, while going to hunt a wild bear, which is of utmost importance for you as well as your fellow hunters. You should be very aware of the hunting laws of bear, as violation of the rules, my let u pay heavy fines. Laws vary from state to state, and it is different for different types of bears. This is done to conserve the bear populations throughout the state. Failure to hunt the proper bear types can result in heavy fines and sometimes instant jail.