Bear Hunting Clothing

There’s nothing more rewarding for a hunter than taking down a bear. They’re big, powerful and downright frightening if you’re not ready for them. So how do you become ready to take down a bear with a bow? You get a Bear bow! With both traditional and compound bows available, it’s not hard to figure out that a Bear bows are your best choice when it comes to taking a bear down. Fred Bear was the founder of the company and he was an innovator in the design of archery equipment.

For those already familiar with hunting deer, hunting a bear isn’t exactly the same. Their sense of smell is incredible and if you’re not careful with how you control your scent, you won’t even see a bear let alone get close enough to take a shot. Although bears have this incredible sense of smell, when it comes to sight they’re not so good. They won’t be able to see you very well, but they can still see movements, so be very still. Have bait ready at all times and wait for the ideal shot to come along. Don’t just take any shot or you could find yourself in a bit of trouble! Bear bows make it easy to take a bear down because they’re fast, powerful yet extremely lightweight which makes them perfect for climbing into a tree stand.

Bear bows traditional bows are aptly named specifically for bear hunting with names like the Kodiak Cub, Grizzly, Kodiak Magnum and the top of the line, Takedown Supreme. This exceptional bow is one of the best bows that the company has ever made.

Whether it’s your very first bear hunting trip or you’ve taken them before, choose one of the many quality Bear bows available and make the most of each shot.