Bear Hunting Calls

They are creatures that are large. It falls under the category of animal kingdom, mammalian class as well as carnivora order. The number of living species that are found widely dispersed all over the world is near about 8. They are scattered all around from northern to southern hemisphere. Their distribution as well as dispersion all over the world is tracked as well as documented by the IUCN. Out of the 8 living species of bears 6 species are on the verge of extinction that too the brown bears. This is due to ruthless cutting down of trees as well as tremendous poaching all the other animals that are used earlier for hunting have become extinct or are on the verge of extinction. These innocent animals after being hunted are sold in the international markets for trading. The things made form them are quite expensive and are beneficial for improving the international trade.

The reason for which people prefer to hunt bears is the look they give. They are daring devil as well as ferocious from their look. The most difficult thing in hunting them is that they cannot be hunted with well planned strategies. This is due to the fact that they have got very good as well as sharp senses. When they sense the fear of hunting around them then they become conspicuous as well as nocturnal. They are normally found in those places where there are dense forests and this is the best area to trap them. They can be killed by being and not planned strategically. Bear hunting should be stopped to conserve the species of bears.

As already told that Bear hunting cannot be done by planning that is why they are trapped and then killed with various weapons. The weapons that are used for hunting the bears can be a help bear spear or a knife or by baiting or snaring as well as bear calling. They are mainly hunted for their fur as well as hoof and the meat. The meat of the polar bear is a sort of staple diet for the Inuit, and it is supposed to be more symbolic than the art of culinary. The best part is its paw as well as thigh. The bear those ages near about 2 years, their meat is considered to be the best meat as they eat berries and all and less fish.