Bear Hunting Bows

When a person is out hunting knowing the distance between them and their target is important. This is especially true when a person is bow hunting. In bow hunting the smallest distance can be the difference between a kill or a miss. There is a maximum effective distance, even for the strongest bows or crossbows. That’s why it’s important for a hunter to have a bow hunting range finder, so they know the distance between them and their prey.

The best kind to get is a laser range finder. There are some things that need to be considered before someone buys one of these hunting tools. The first thing to consider is weight. Since a bow hunter has to carry everything in and out of the woods, including their prize, keeping all of their equipment as light as possible is good. However, this leads right into another consideration. That is accuracy. A hunter needs to know the exact distance, or as close to exact as possible. But, something that is too light weight can be cheap and not as accurate. A more accurate one will be heavier. It is possible to find a range finding tool that balances out the weight and accuracy. Each range finder has an accuracy that includes a +/-. That can be +/- 1 foot or some other distance. This means that the distance gotten by the bow hunting range finder will can vary as much as 1 foot on either side.

Another thing to worry about is the bow hunting range finder’s maximum distance. There are some on the market that can measure 1500 yards or more. Those aren’t as useful for bow hunting, since that distance is close to a mile, and too long for a bow hunter to hit. An archer would want to find something that is accurate at shorter distances. Some of models of tools to find ranges include a magnification setting. This can be very useful for a hunter who uses a bow, because it brings the target into clearer relief as well as getting an accurate range.

One final thing to think about when looking for a new bow hunting range finder is how durable it is. A bow hunter is out in the woods, bumping into trees, getting things caught on brush and maybe even tripping over deadfalls. They are out there in all kinds of weather, from bright sunny days to cold snowy days. A hunter wants to know that no matter what happens, their range finder will be in good shape when they pull it out. It is of no use to them if the lenses are scratched and foggy.

These are just a few things to think about when looking for range finders. They are a good tool for any hunter, especially a bow hunter.